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Kemal Erdine

General manager

22 years with Ticketmaster

Kemal joined the team in September 2000. After fulfilling the duties of Financial Affairs Manager, Finance Group Manager and Assistant General Manager respectively, he became the General Manager in 2012. In addition to this duty, he is still a member of the Board of Directors.

He has a Masters in Economics. He has been involved in the E-Commerce sector in Turkey since its inception. At the same time, he takes part in the Board of Directors of the Turkish Entertainment Industry Association, and is a member of the E-Commerce Council of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey.

Ismail Aslan

deputy general manager

20 years with Ticketmaster

İsmail, who has been working at Ticketmaster since 2002, led many innovative and pioneering projects that brought various awards for his work in different positions in the fields of technology and data management in the early years of this process.

Prior to Ticketmaster, he managed one of Turkey’s largest landscape nurseries importing from Europe and serving mostly A/A+ customers, and established his own firm, which gave him experience in many international trade areas.

İsmail, who was promoted to the position of Deputy General Manager of Ticketmaster Turkey in 2017, is still responsible for the sales and main box office departments of the company. Based on his work in the Ticketmaster Leadership Development Program, which opened the doors of his current position, he launched the publication project., which attracted great attention by the organizers and enabled the artists to reach a wider fan base and increase their ticket sales, turned into a brand with high financial value in a short time.

The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey E-Commerce Assembly and Turkish Entertainment Industry Association are members of TESDER.

Zeynep Uyanır Alan

Financial Director

11 years with Ticketmaster

Zeynep started her duty as Financial Analysis and Reporting Coordinator at Ticketmaster Turkey in 2011 and has been continuing as Financial Affairs Manager and Finance Director since 2013. Particularly in the early years of Ticketmaster in Turkey, she took an active role in restructuring the accounting department and systems, arranging internal control processes, and renewing the reporting systems.

Currently, she manages the Accounting & Finance, Human Resources and Administrative Affairs departments. She works for the compatibility of the company’s Financial Affairs and Human resources processes with Ticketmaster’s global applications, and also provides support to the relevant departments for the company’s legal processes.

Semiray Karakoç

Marketing & Sales Channels Manager

22 years with Ticketmaster

Semiray joined the team during the establishment process of the company and was a manager in the creation of the “Biletix” brand and the implementation of projects, especially in the first years, including making agreements, establishing sales and distribution channels, establishing technical infrastructure, personnel recruitment, advertising, and public relations.

She manages the Marketing, Retail Sales, Call Centre, Customer Service and Dispatch departments of the company and increases sales with fan participation in line with global policies; together with the event management team, she works to meet the marketing needs of the event promoters. Semiray, also works to increase the awareness of the company in the eyes of both event organizers and consumers and to promote the services as a Public Relations responsible.

Yuksel Unaldi

Software Development Manager

9 years with Ticketmaster

Yüksel started his job as Software Development Coordinator in 2013 and has been working as Software Development Manager since 2014. Ticketmaster Turkey works effectively in the development of software and in-house applications that reach customers and their transformation into new technologies.

It ensures that the change requests from our customers, partners or within the company are analyzed with the relevant departments, and that they are developed, reported and integrated in accordance with Ticketmaster standards.

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